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$5,000.00 Goal

1 Funders

1 Funders


 $5,000.00   Goal

The painted interactive sundial kit includes a custom sundial template for your exact location. You can read about the process of creating a sundial to learn how to install the sundial.


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Product Description

When the target goal is reached the elementary school receives a sundial kit.

How it Works

 1) Send us your location as an address or GPS coordinates.
2) Our technology creates a specific template for your exact location on the earth. No two are alike.
3) A full scale template is cut out of durable Coreplast, which is like corrugated cardboard, only plastic
4) We ship you the complete template, with instructions, and you paint or install the finished sundial.
5) You stand on the Sundial when its sunny, and your shadow will tell the time!
Click on the “ Order a Sundial Template” tab.
Fill out the order form.
You will receive an email that we have received your order and payment.
You will them be notified how long the queue is to produce your sundial template. Usually within 4-8 weeks.
The finished sundial will be 16 feet in diameter.
It will be made from a durable plastic material called Coreplast, which is like corrugated cardboard, only plastic.
The template will be shipped in 4’ x 4’ squares. All 16 pieces will arrive in one package that weighs ____
The Sundial Template Kit will come with printed instructions as well as a video link.

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