• Painted Sundial

Painted Interactive Sundial Kit


This sundial is so much fun to use!
You stand on the current month and your shadow tells the time.
You can install it yourself or we can install it for additional fee.

This painted interactive sundial kit includes:

  • Custom stencil for your exact location
  • Instructions to install the sundial
  • Instructions to tell time using the sundial

Additional Options

Contact us or leave a note when you place your order in the order if you would like either of these additional options.

  • School logo – You can add the school logo for an additional fee.
  • Custom Installation – We provide detailed instructions so you can install it yourself or we can install it for an additional fee.



Product Description

Sundial Template Facts

  • The finished sundial will be 16 feet in diameter.
  • Made from a durable plastic material called Coreplast, which is like corrugated cardboard, only plastic.
  • The template ships in 4’ x 4’ squares, all 16 pieces arrive in one package.
  • What is a Sundial and how does it work?

To purchase this sundial:

  1. Select the Add to Cart and Checkout. You can pay using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, or Check.
  2. Once we receive your order, we notify you indicating how long the queue is to produce your sundial template usually within 4-8 weeks.



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Painted Sundial



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