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What is a Sundial?

by Mr. Sundial

Sundials tell accurate time during daylight hours. The first sundials were used more than 3,500 years ago in Egypt. Why do stores sell sundials that are not accurate? It’s inexpensive to mass-produce identical sundials with no concern if the sundial displays accurate clock time. The seller and buyer may not know enough about sundials and…

Brayton School Sundial Project

by Mr. Sundial

SUMMIT, NJ – Thanks to the efforts of one talented artist and the catalytic effort of their PTO Garden Chair, Brayton Elementary School has a new sundial. Artist Duncan Mackenzie recently installed the sundial, a project that was spearheaded by Brayton PTO Garden Chair Heather Eisenmenger, who revived the idea and worked with the Summit…

How to Install the Interactive Painted Sundial

by Mr. Sundial

After you receive your sundial follow these instructions to install the sundial. How to create an interactive painted sundial: 1) Order a Sundial, on the checkout page include your location as an address or GPS coordinates. 2) Our technology creates a specific template for your exact location on the earth, no two are alike. 3)…