Brayton School Sundial Project

by Mr. Sundial

SUMMIT, NJ – Thanks to the efforts of one talented artist and the catalytic effort of their PTO Garden Chair, Brayton Elementary School has a new sundial.

Artist Duncan Mackenzie recently installed the sundial, a project that was spearheaded by Brayton PTO Garden Chair Heather Eisenmenger, who revived the idea and worked with the Summit Education Foundation (SEF) who funded it.

 sundials for school

“This has been a wonderful experience installing the sundial at Brayton. It was great working with the kids on the installation and watching their excitement as they learned how a sundial works,” said Duncan Mackenzie.

Brayton students and teachers agreed. “I thought it was cool because I noticed the time change and after school I will come back and see if it says 3”, proclaimed Jack Wilson, third grade. Mrs. Senko, a third grade teacher, watching the demonstration said, “I think it’s fascinating”.

“This is so awesome!” exclaimed one student. “It really works!” added another. “Now we won’t have to ask the aides what time it is at recess!”

Students and visitors alike will enjoy the benefits of the sundial for years to come.

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