How to Install the Interactive Painted Sundial

by Mr. Sundial

After you receive your sundial follow these instructions to install the sundial.

How to create an interactive painted sundial:

1) Order a Sundial, on the checkout page include your location as an address or GPS coordinates.
2) Our technology creates a specific template for your exact location on the earth, no two are alike.
3) A full-scale template is cut out of durable Coreplast, which is like corrugated cardboard, only plastic
4) We ship you the complete template. Follow the steps below to create the sundial by painting the sundial on your location.
5) You stand on the Sundial when its sunny, and your shadow will tell the time!

Step 1: Find the geographic coordinates of the location, then create a CAD drawing of the sundial.

Delete or modify, so people can understand they will receive the kit. Then they will follow these steps to install the sundial.


Step 2: Using precision tools cut the stencil to exact specifications.


Step 4: Align to true north.

How are people going to do this step? There are compass apps you can use on your phone. May the instructions can reference a popular app if people do not have this tool. What do you think?


Step 3. Lay the stencil out on the blacktop.


Step 4: Paint the sundial on the location.


Step 5: Tell time.


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